Ender Quarry (LAG E GRIEFING)

Network Tool (Grief)

Spatial IO Pylons (Grief)

Imperfect Ritual Stone (Grief)

Sigil Of Magnetism (Duping)

Rod of TerraFirma (Griefing)

Rod of The Molten Core (Griefing)

Shard Of Laputa (Griefing)

BC Robots (Griefing)

Cloud In A Bottle (Griefing)

Filler (Intensive)

Ender Collector (Duping)

Quarry (Griefing)

TNT (Griefing)

Nuke (Griefing)

Mining Laser (Griefing)

Chunkloader (Somente para  vips) 

Energistics Card (Griefing)

Arcane Bore (Griefing)

Arcane Bore Base (Griefing)

Hungry Chest (Duping)

Florb (Griefing)

SDX (Griefing)

Block And Chain (Griefing)

Magic Mirror (Duping)

Dynamite (Griefing)

Uncrafting Table (Duping)

Flamethrower (Causa crash)

Super Builders Wand (LAG)

Earth Former (Griefing)

Weather controller (lag)

Dynamism Tablet (Griefing)

Key of the King's Law (Griefing)

Filing Cabinet - Regular and Advanced (Duping)

Thaumic Restorer (Duping)

Terraformer (Griefing)

Rod of the Shifting Crust (Griefing)

Nuclear Reactor (Crash)

Weather Collector - Lag intensivo

SPAMR Launcher - Griefing

Sacred Rubber Sapling - Griefing

Mega Rubber Sapling - Griefing

Needlegun - Griefing

Golden Jailers Safari Net - Griefing

Jailers Safari Net - Griefing

Matter Cannon - Griefing e Burla Areas Safe Zone

Slotted Book - Duping

Digital Miner - Griefing

TODAS as WRENCHS, exceto a do Industrial Craft (pode ser obtida no /kit inicio) [burlava a proteção] 

Hopper (duping) 

Todos upgrades a partir de area 5 do mod Mine Factory Reloaded (lag) 


Creative Blood Drop - BUG

PortaSpawner - LAG INTENSIVO 

Stabilized Mob Spawner - LAG INTENSIVO 

Card Box - Bug 

Zombie Scepter - Lag 

Enhanced Charm of Dislocation - LAG E BUG

Charm of Dislocation - LAG E BUG 

Desinchanter - Permitia Colocar Encantamento de Fortuna X em qualquer picareta